goat-cheese-aubergineDining out is an experience to be savored, free from the worry and stress of food preparation and cleanup. But dining out is not completely worry-free for people who have food allergies. There are 12 million Americans who have food allergies, according to the Virginia-based Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network.

When a restaurant is happy to accommodate the needs of their customers, they will be loyal customers. I know that I am, and you will be amazed at the customer service as a repeat customer. I have even had the chef personally prepare my meal and substitute an item that he knew I could not have. I am so grateful to him. It’s worth paying more when I can truly dine with confidence! 

An allergy-friendly restaurant is the wave of the future because of the special needs many customers have.
The menu will have to list ingredients in a dish and should be noted what modifications can be made for a specific allergen or special diet. Your supplier needs to know if the food has been cross-contaminated with an allergen during preparation. This may be a difficult task.

To minimize your fears when dining out, be sure that the restaurant serves whole natural foods that are minimally processed. Where ever possible ask if they prepare foods from fresh natural ingredients. And use certified organic whole wheat flour pie crusts to house made breads, fresh pasta, and gluten free dishes. Another important factor would be using free range and naturally farmed without hormones.
One final word…always make sure that the utensils and ingredients used are not cross-contaminated based on your particular allergy.

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