wheatMillet Flour – easily digested, usually safe for people with wheat allergy, no gluten, and nutritious.

Brown Rice Flour – easily digested, least allergenic of grains related to wheat, and no gluten.

Teff Flour – good tasting, usually safe for wheat allergies, very nutritious, and no gluten.

Amaranth Flour – very nutritious and versatile. Unrelated to wheat. Store in refrigerator.

Quinoa Flour – most nutritious, versatile, light texture and color. Unrelated to wheat. Store in refrigerator.

Garbanzo Flour (Chick Pea) –  light, fine, nutritious, unrelated to wheat.

*If you have a soy allergy/intolerance, I would not recommend this flour because it is related to the soy family. As much as I love them, I cannot eat them – I get sick due to my soy allergy.

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